GoStream is Better Than Other Sites

There are hundreds of free streaming sites and now it is a really difficult decision that the normal users have to take, namely to choose on which site they will watch their favorite movies and series. There are some good sites and some crap sites and unfortunately their popularity is not always a sign of good quality, that's how big sites like 123Movies started to lose fans because being world-wide known as the most popular streaming site is not enough to keep your fans close, you also have to offer them good quality content everyday like GoStream does. We are here just to present this site and everyone will choose which one works the best for them, but GoStream might become your number one favorite streaming site, just saying.

Massive Collection, Fast Loading Time

Probably the biggest advantage of GoStream is our massive collection of movies and tv series online free. Even if we started from the bottom with just a few productions, GoStream somehow managed to fill up database with almost 50.000 episodes and 10.000 movies which is really impressive for a free site. We are just thinking about how many hours took to build such a wonderful collection and we are happy to see there are still sites who care about their visitors and are doing their best in order to provide the best content and good quality. After you spend just a few seconds on GoStream you will observe how fast this site is loading. It is crazy! It seems optimized every bit of the site so it works perfectly without being necessary to use an expensive smartphone or PC or to have the fastest internet connection, it just works good in any conditions.

No Registration, No Advertising Site

We don't like when we see streaming sites who pretend they are free and then when you are trying to watch a movie you are forced to create an account. This is something we will never understand about this sites and we love that GoStream is completely free and you can watch every movie or serie anonymously without registration. It's also important to mention the fact that you won't encounter any advertising on GoStream and you will enjoy your favorite content without interruptions even if you don't use an adblocker.